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Enriched with precious ingredients from Costa Rica and its Rainforest, the luxurious treatments presented by Poseidon Fitness & Spa are the ultimate indulgences. This heaven of beauty and wellness provides the latest in massages, Spa therapies, body treatments and skin care. The Fitness Center features weight training and cardiovascular equipment, as well as two tennis courts. Poseidon Fitness & Spa provides you with an attractive variety of treatments, which will enhance your Vacation Experience.

  • Deep Cleansing of Back * Costa Rican Stones Treatment * Salt Glow & Coco Scrub
    Organic Treatments
  • Jungle Dew Facial (for all skin types) * Fresh Feet Treatment
  • Poseidon Facial * Collagen Facial * Men's Facial
  • Deep Cleansing Facial * Anti-Wrinkle Face and Eyes Treatment
  • Jungle Dew Facial * High Skin Refiner “Seduction of the Ocean”

Fitness & Spa Service Fitness & Spa ServiceFitness & Spa Service




Therapeutic Massage A relaxing massage combined with other techniques targeting your specific area of concern. Treatment time: 90 min $95

Deep Tissue Massage This deep treatment is designed for anyone who requires a more intense massage. Our staff will customize your treatment to reduce stress and restore your body's natural flow of energy. Treatment time: 60 min $105

Lymphatic Drainage Massage A hands-on technique offering a highly efficient approach to working with the body's fluid system to stimulate the immune system, relieve chronic pain, detoxify the body, regenerate tissue and help alleviate insomnia, stress and depression. Treatment time: 90 min $100

Pura Vida Massage A full body massage designed to ease tension, relieve stress and promote a general state of well being. Treatment time: 60 min $90

Aromatherapy Massage Our experienced staff pairs a full body massage technique with specially created aromatherapy oils to fulfill your specific needs. Treatment time: 90 min $120

Poseidon Massage Maximize your Spa Experience through our signature massage that combines our most traditional techniques, such us lymphatic drainage, therapeutic and relaxation. Treatment time: 90 min $120

Swedish Massage This classic full body massage provides an antidote to stress, headaches and muscular tension and increases the body's circulation, leaving you relaxed and renewed. Treatment time: 60 min $105 30 minutes massage Localized massage to fulfill your specific needs.